O P E N  C A L L


Are you an artist/creative, individual or group?  Would you like to have the space to create and develop your work in a former Victorian woollen mill and as part of a creative community?  D-Light studios is accepting applications for our new D-Light Studios Residency Program, read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

At D-Light Studios we believe that art and culture are crucial in the building of a meaningful, inspired and progressive society.  Essential insights can be revealed when we attempt to give creative form to revelations and explorations.  With true creativity comes impact, with impact comes influence and with influence we have a positive effect not only on the natural evolution of our society, but on the improvement of our world and environment. Artistic exploration is not a luxury, it's necessary and critical alongside the leaps and bounds we are making scientifically and technologically, these pursuits are not separate "When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come close to the conclusion that the gift of imagination has meant more to me than any talent for absorbing absolute knowledge." Albert Einstein.  We will support this exploration by sponsoring a creative individual/individuals with what we have to offer: a studio space in our beautiful old woollen mill within the growing creative community of D-Light Studios.  The Future may be robotic, but what we will have to offer is ourselves and our imagination.


R E S I D E N C Y  O P P O R T U N I T Y

Over the years we have supported various projects and ideas you have all come to us with.  These collaborations and interactions have been some of our most treasured times at D-Light Studios, because we have met more and more amazing creatives and experienced our most unforgettable moments, including our breath taking events with Homebeat.  D-Light Studios would not be what it is today without the endless support from our friends and family over the years and we want to share what they helped us build.  We have always believed that our beautiful studio is at it's best when filled with creatives and artists committed to their exploration and visions.  We are dedicated to the business of art as well as the creation of art for it's own sake, 'And since it is beautiful, it is truly useful'  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince.  Almost 9 years ago architect/photographer Agata Stoinska found D-Light Studios in one of the most treasured parts of the city, The Five Lamps.  On the opening night, Creative Director, Stace Gill (OCHO), performed to the packed warehouse.  Stace was instantly hooked on the venue and the bold vision Agata delivered, the two lined up, joined forces and built a strong team to realise the full potential of D-Light Studios.  As artists, we understand the importance of support in it's many forms, from financial to moral, mentorship to encouragement, freedom and space to create.   We look forward to hearing all about your projects, please follow the instructions below.  


Agata, Stace, Joe & Aisling 


  • Artists of any form: painters, sculptors, musicians, anyone making art in any way!
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Videographers / Photographers
  • Creative Start Ups / Entrepreneurs  
  • Collectives / Organisations 


  • Fill out the application form attached and hit send.


  • 6 months studio residency at D-Light Studios.
  • Monthly mentorship 
  • 24 Hour access to the studio.
  • Free Parking
  • Dark Room access, and wet room
  • Features on our website / social media platforms / newsletters
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Free access to all D-Light events
  • Access to the main studio space (D-Light Studios A & B) 

T&T :

  • Weekly content about your progress and your work that we will share on our social media platforms and monthly newsletter content.
  • 1 workshop to be held for the local community
  • All offers and terms of the residency are subject to change 


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