At D-Light Studios our goal is to facilitate the development of creative practices.

The In-Site: initiative invites applicants from various creative practices to propose how they would utilise a free day in the studio in order to incite development of their work.

12 separate projects will receive a free day in the studio over the course of a year. The 12 available days will be divided into 4 disciplinary categories: Lens-based media, Dance, Theatre and Music. 



What is on offer? 

Free use of either Studio A or Studio B from 09:00-18:00 to be scheduled between October - December 2018

Who can apply? 

This is an open call opportunity available to any Dance Practitioner who requires the free use of a studio space for one full day

What can I use my free day in the studio for?

We encourage applicants to use the space as their blank canvas and feel free to get creative when thinking about how you could use the space. A few ideas to get you started:

  • Filming: Have you been looking for an opportunity to film some pieces for your show reel? Do you operate a dance school and want to showcase your talented dancers? 
  • Photography: Use this opportunity to snap some action shots! - perhaps to promote an upcoming performance? Are you a designer of dance wear / products? Use the Cyclorama and get lots of new product photographs for your website.
  • Workshop: Would you like to run a once off dance workshop in the studio? (attendants must be kept below 50)
  • Rehearsal: Need a big open space to rehearse a production?


More information:

  • Free day in Studio must be Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm - no weekends/bank holiday
  • Applicants will be required to submit some brief information on their project and how they would utilise their time in the studio to aid in the development of their work (300 words max)
  • Exact dates of Studio use are subject to Studio availability and does not apply to Weekend / Bank Holiday days
  • Application deadline 30th September 2018
  • We are simply offering up the space that you can use as your blank canvas - selected winners will have to provide all their own equipment.

Maria Nilsson Waller: Choreographer, Performer, Designer

Maria trained at the Royal Swedish Balletschool and Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. She has been working as a freelance dancer and choreographer across Europe since 2004, and is since 2009 based in Dublin. Her own work has been presented at a number of venues in France, Sweden U.K and Ireland, through a.o Cannes Jeune Ballet (22nd Century, Med en doft av snö, 2009), Estrad Norr (Ingenmansland, 2011, Last Land, 2012, Stream/Walker, 2013) the MAC, Firkin Crane, Druid Lane Theatre and Dublin Dance Festival ( LastLand 2012, Blanca 2015, PRIME 2016, Merry.Go.Round 2017). Current creation Flora + Fauna will premier in Nov 2018. 

One of her main focuses is to bring dance to unexpected places and communities which has led to a number of commissions and awards such as Journey in Ballyfermot library for Dublin City Council’s Children's Arts in Libraries programme, Blanca for Estrad Norr (a pocket sized show for touring the inland of Sweden), See the man (a piece for 40 professional Swedish soccer players through ÖFK’s Kulturakademi - a unique collision between sports and dance. ) Other community based activity worth mentioning is, together with a drummer, completing over 200 workshops in contemporary dance with school children in Sweden and Dublin.

Maria is regularly in collaboration with artists from other disciplines such as musicians, composers, filmmakers and photographers but also often composes music and designs for her own work. She teaches professional daily training at Dance Ireland, Galway Dance Project, Dance Limerick and is engaged as teacher for YPA and the Collge of Dance, Dublin. 

Maria is a Dance Ireland Associate Artist and board member, member of Jämtlands Kulturkompani and was elected “Hoffnungsträgerin 2015” (Bearer of Hope) by german Tanz Magazine.


The first round of In-Site: is offered in partnership with BLOW Photo Magazine and is aimed at applicants working with lens-based media.

Three separate lens based projects will each receive 1 free day use of either Studio A or Studio B here in D-Light Studios to be used between June-August 2018.

The 3 selected projects will be selected by BLOW Photo Editors.

The selected artists for In-Site:Photo were:

  • Linda Conroy (Photographer)
  • Zita Kirk (The Design Kids)
  • Sofya Mikhaylova & Aaron Smyth (GUM Collective)