Agata Stoinska opened D-Light Studios with a vision to establish a large & creative film and photography location in Dublin's city centre.  This vision has expanded and evolved, now with an amazing and supportive team on board.

Studio Members

D-Light Studios is a developing creative community in the heart of Dublin's North Inner City. Check out our current Studio Members below.

blow photo

blow photo is a creative platform dedicated to fine art photography.  blow photo magazine is a large format publication conceived, created, printed and published in dublin, ireland.  the team are based in d-light studios, an old converted woolen mill that functions as a film/photography studio and event space. since first published 5 years ago, the magazine has been awarded ‘print of the year 2010’ by irish print awards and was nominated for 3 consecutive years as ‘magazine of the year’ by the lucie foundation 2013-2015. blow has been invited to present at some of the most prestigious fine art photography events in the world, including paris photo, unseen amsterdam and london art fair.

Arad Studios

Arad studios is owned and operated by producer/engineer Les Keye. Arad has earned its reputation for achieving exceptional results, through a combination of beautiful acoustics, and both vintage and modern microphones and pre-amps. Having excellent tools is only one side of the equation. Ask any artist who has worked with Les, and they will tell you - he is the vital ingredient that makes Arad unique. 

With musical productions ranging from Clang Sayne to Squarehead, Anagog to Umbra, Jonathan Nangle to Mixtapes from the Underground, Ruba Shamshoum to Dirty Jazz, and most recently NCGrey, Arad is a musician's studio, located in the heart of Dublin where the focus is music and the results speak for themselves.


Irish Pole Dance Academy

Founded in 2011 by Arlene Caffrey, Irish Pole Dance Academy is one of the world's leading pole dance and pole fitness studios. Arlene's mission is to create not just a fitness studio and a new spin on group fitness classes, but a supportive, welcoming and fun environment where your needs and goals as an individual are recognized and supported. A place where creativity and expression are met with encouragement and the support of a greater community. At Irish Pole Dance Academy, Arlene and her team wants to help you to gain strength and confidence and to become the best possible version of yourself, both physically and mentally. We want you to experience empowerment, passion and positivity in each and every class, and to take this with you outside of the studio to positively impact and improve the world at large.

Classes are offered 7 days a week, not only pole fitness classes for first-time beginners through to advanced level but also in flexibility training for those who are no longer seeing results from yoga class and also in body conditioning for those who want to become stronger, but don't want to use boring gym apparatuses. One-to-one tuition is also available, as well as bookings for special events such as team building, corporate wellness and hen parties.


Native Events

‘Native Events’ is a sustainable event production company based in Dublin, Ireland. Native Events adopts a sustainable and innovative approach to event production, energy planning, procurement and creative installations. As Ireland’s first sustainable event management company, ‘Native Events’ uses a holistic approach to explore this gap in current market in emerging ethical event production, minimising environmental impact and use of alternative energy sources.

‘Native Events’ core values are honesty, integrity and authenticity. In a global market devoid of credibility and authenticity there is a growing trend towards event produced with a conscience and awareness of actual impact on the environment. As our backgrounds have both come from the coalface of festival production and the creative industries we have built a profile around these core values and have an extensive back catalogue of projects and testimonials to portray this. ‘Native Events’ is currently positioned within the creative/cultural community (festival/cultural gathering) and also has very strong established links within the established corporate event production industry. This combination of both worlds allows ‘Native Events’ to provide a link between the two movements. 

Native Events offer a 360-degree service, from initial consultation to delivering a unique event. We embed best practices in sustainability along all points of our supply chain. Our highly experienced creative team and extensive network of suppliers, deliver events with high impact that are light on the environment.

Anguilla Ink

Hi Everyone, my name is Anguilla, my page is about tattoos, an activity that I just started and I love it! Anguilla Ink is also an e-business selling t-shirts, bags, phone cases via Society6 website.

My illustrations are about what I loved, I still love and always will: legends, icons, 90s music and 90s cinema. Enjoy!

The link of my FB page is the following: