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Homebeat Zehr Gut & D Light Studios present : Edward (Giegling) [LIVE]

Zehr Gut is a collaboration between Dublin based Homebeat and Goethe- Institut Irland, who aim to celebrate the impact of German artistry and culture here in Dublin. After the success of the Grandbrothers at last year’s Dublin Fringe Festival (a live performance of classical composition blended with elements of techno and club music), we’re ready to check out Edward’s Irish Debut. As part of the Giegling Collective, this Berlin DJ and producer is coming from the best of the best in house and techno production. Geigling are one of the most talked about techno/ dance music labels of the moment, known for their more introverted, emotional take on electronic music. The group began in Weimar, where some of the collective were attending the Bauhaus University, and after their quick rise to success overseas


While his production output spans across a broad range of styles, Edward’s music typically encompasses the emotion-filled qualities that have helped make Giegling one of house and techno’s best-loved labels in the world.